Fun With Gif!

Fun With Gif!

Proverbs 30:5 Printabl...


Fun with Gifs

Hank Green Dances Single Ladies

StickerKid Review


I was recently asked to do a review of StickerKid. SkickerKid is a company that provides customized, durable, cute and fun labels, stickers and wall decals. I gave the wall stickers a try and I will say I am very happy with the outcome! Here is what I received in the mail. The stickers have a […]

Streaming is the new b...

Thank You

Its been a veerrrrrrrrrry long time since my last post. 2015 was CRAZY! After my April 2015 blog post, things moved fast and slow at the same time. We moved for the husbands company, moved states, bought our first house (without a realtor!!!), had to fix that up, enroll the 5 year in kindergarten all […]

What I have been doing...

Easter Dresses

Alot… Ive been working on these little hats… Ive been painting this… I’m in the middle of completing this… I’m on a British kick. And I just finished sewing these for Easter… I used McCalls Pattern M6982 And of course we colored eggs… I have more ideas and little projects I’m working on. Follow me […]

The Bible Says God Is&...

Bible says God is

Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise. Ps 51:15 A while back I wrote this post with a free printable of the attributes God gives his children. I have it taped to the cupboard above my sink and I read it often and sometimes aloud when I am really feeling like I need […]

Thank God for the Tic ...

Give Thanks printable

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” Matt 7:11 This morning Reagan came to me and asked me in her little two year old voice for “Tic Tac’s Pweeeassse.” It’s […]

Giving Thanks in ALL c...

Give Thanks

This year the verse 1 Thessalonians 5:18 popped out at me in several different ways. Early in the year I decided to write this verse above my kitchen sink (where I spend a lot of time) so that I can remember to give thanks for many different things, including dirty dishes. In May I went […]

Fabric Shoe Fixer Uppe...

fabric shoe redo

My girls have big feet for the ages. Their feet aren’t only long but they are really wide too. Shoe shopping isn’t exactly easy and when we do find that perfect pair, I want them to last until they don’t fit anymore. Reagan has a little pair of fabric shoes that fit and are comfortable and […]

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  • Friendly PSA In your early morning post sick baby soothinghellip
    1 week ago by legendaryee Friendly PSA. In your early morning post sick baby soothing grogginess, don't confuse your half and half with your Epsom salts. Now I didn't make this mistake this morning, but the little cartons are so similar that it could happen to anybody. But I did definitely push brew on the Keurig without a mug underneath and I most definitely poured the coffee out of the catch all piece into my mug.  #noregrets   #yourewelcome   #coffee 
  • 8 months old This is the best pic I couldhellip
    1 week ago by legendaryee 8 months old. This is the best pic I could get. Girlfriend was having a serious morning and kept crawling away. It was a busy month growing teeth, learning to crawl and stand and saying "Mmmmmamamamamamaaaaaa" but only when she's sad. It's never a happy "Mama! Good to see you Mama!" It's always a "you left me, I need you, feed me" kind of "Mama". But I still love it. It's my favorite .
  • First day of first grade! I was sadder this yearhellip
    3 weeks ago by legendaryee First day of first grade! I was sadder this year than I was last year. But we know it's going to be a good year. Because of the show  #projectmc2  Em wants to be a Culinary Chemist. Last year it was just scientist. Glad to see her narrow the field down.  #firstdayofschool 
  • 7 months old For reals this time
    1 month ago by legendaryee 7 months old. For reals this time.
  • My new motto Bloom where God plants you
    1 month ago by legendaryee My new motto, Bloom where God plants you.

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